If you are interested in developing a cooperation with an international partner you must first meet with Phil Plourde, Executive Director of the Office of International Programs (OIP) about your intentions and needs for this cooperation and to learn the specifics and discuss plans.

You can schedule a meeting by contacting Marge Budensiek, Secretary for the office of International Programs at 319-273-6807 or

The following is an overview of the process but this step-by-step process is not necessary for those simply meeting with prospective partners to determine the potential for cooperation, or hosting international visitors exclusive of any formal activity with a partner institution.

  1. Both parties should communicate by email, video conference, or other means to determine the details of cooperation. Details for cooperation should include:
    1. Scope and types of activities, numbers of students, time, duration and sequence of events, requirements and prerequisites in order to complete activities, etc.
    2. OIP can facilitate and organize meetings with potential partner institutions when contact persons have yet to be designated, or a working relationship has yet to be established.
  2. If the parties have yet to determine the exact scope of the cooperation, OIP will create a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) stating each institution's intentions to be followed by one or more appendices/agreements with details for each cooperative activity. If the parties have determined to cooperate on one or more specific activities, then an agreement is made detailing criteria for each activity.
  3. OIP manages the content of the documents to be signed by the international partner and the UNI department or college, in conjunction with the Office of the University Counsel, to ensure agreements are in the best interests of the University, especially in the event of an infringement, misconduct, harm caused to persons, or other issue.
  4. OIP works to prepare final documents, acquire appropriate signatures from the respective parties, and send copies to both parties.


The UNI Department or College should notify Marge Budensiek, Secretary for OIP of impending activities when:

  1. Department/college plans to host international visitors/guests on campus.  All UNI hosts and international visitors must register in the UNI International Visitor Registry.  Information on the  host process and registry is available at Hosting Visiting Scholars on the International Programs website
  2. Department/college has invited international visiting scholars to campus who are in need of immigration documents, housing, meals, access to facilities, etc.
  3. UNI department/college plans to re-negotiate/alter/renew agreements with an international partner.


The UNI Department or College should notify Paula Van Zee, Director for the Study Abroad Center (SAC) of impending activities when:

  1. Cohorts of UNI students plan to leave for a study abroad opportunity offered by the department (usually three months of notice is required).
  2.  Department/college sends faculty, staff, or students abroad on UNI organized, sponsored, or affiliated activity connected to studies, research or work and uses the UNI Travel Registry. 
  3. Department/college Plans to welcome exchange student(s) from an international partner.