The Office of International Programs (OIP) works with the Host and the Visiting Scholar to ensure everything is in place to make their visit a successful one.  Preparations may vary, depending on the visiting scholar’s visa status, length of stay, compensation and specific needs, however, the following items are taken care of when needed:

  • Contact visiting scholar to complete their entry in the UNI International Visitor Registry
  • Prepare and process the Letter of Invitation for visiting scholar, when appropriate, with required signatures from Dean or Department head, OIP Executive Director and visiting scholar.
  • Forward immigration information to Ross Schupbach, in order to prepare the DS-2019 for J1 scholars.
  • Express Mail immigration documents to the Scholar for application for a J1 Visa.
  • Confirm that all immigration requirements are met by the visiting scholar, including required health insurance and English proficiency assessment by host for J1 scholars.
  • Introduce the visiting scholar to Cheryl Klashsen in the Office of Business Operations to complete possible taxation and payment paperwork.
  • Assist with arrangements for on-campus housing and meals (paid by host or visitor), as needed.
  • Arrange for the Visiting Scholar to have a university ID, library access, housing contract, meal plan, campus tour and complete a PAF, as required.
  • Assist with school enrollment when children are coming with the visiting scholar.
  • Coordinate with the Academic Host airport pickup/return to ensure the scholar arrives safely.
  • Provide an information packet and small gift basket to welcome the scholar to UNI.
  • Schedule an orientation meeting and provide a modest gift, as appropriate.