Planning ahead is the most important thing you can do to prepare for an International Visitor coming to campus.

If you are bringing a J1 Scholar to campus it is best to start the process at least three months before you expect your visitor to arrive. Visiting Scholars coming on a B1 or Visa Waiver Program take less time, but it is best to allow at least one month for adequate preparation. 

If you are unsure what Visa applies to your scholar please contact Marge Budensiek, Secretary for the Office of International Programs at or 319-273-6807. It is never too soon to begin the process!

Dean and Department Head approval is required if any financial commitments are made on behalf of UNI (i.e. honorarium, in-kind services, travel or housing reimbursement).  It is best to get this approval before moving forward. If the International Scholar is self-supporting then Department Head approval is all that is required.

Both the UNI Host Department and the Visiting Scholar will need to complete the UNI International Visitor Registry.  The host department has other duties which can be found on the RESPONSIBILITIES OF HOST page.

There may be POTENTIAL TAX IMPLICATIONS for the host department and/or visitor if financial commitments are made on behalf of UNI.  For more information contact in the Office of Business Operations (OBO) at or 319-273-6212.

Housing will also be needed for an international visitor and housing information can be found on the HOUSING FOR INTERNATIONAL SCHOLARS page.