The complementary reverse of reaching across the border to seek global research, teaching, and service opportunities is responding to those who reach across their borders to us, whether responding to our invitation, or on their own initiative. For this reason, the Office of International Programs (OIP) facilitates the hosting of international visitors at every level, especially from current Partner Institutions or prospective partners. These visits may last for a day or more than a year, and include:

· Individual faculty or groups of faculty for specific research or collaboration

· College Deans, Department Heads, and other Administrators

· Government officials

International visitors come to UNI for a variety of purposes. Some are here for a signing ceremony to launch a new partnership or to finalize arrangements for a cooperative program. Still others come to teach new skills or concepts or to offer differing perspectives on important issues. Many come to teach, engage in joint research projects, or serve as guest lecturers or featured speakers.

OIP provides assistance to hosting departments or individual faculty and staff with the latest immigration processes, protocol, housing, and other visitor options to help you make the visit as valuable and meaningful as possible.

As soon as you know you would like to invite a guest, contact OIP and we will guide you through the process of securing all the required paperwork approvals and arrangements. More information on  the departments role can be found on the Responsibilities of a Host page.

Our goal is to support faculty and staff seeking international collaboration. OIP will work with you to create the best possible experience for you and your visitor from arrival to departure. More information on our role can be found on the Responsibilities of OIP page