Picture of hands with the world on them.

Welcoming International students and scholars to our campus can be very exciting.  International visitors bring cultural diversity to our campus exposing students, staff and faculty to international perspectives and regions of the world that many of us have not visited. 

“…. the main benefits of the globalization of higher education are not financial (as valuable as that may be) but intellectual and cultural. The coming together of people from different parts of the world to study has the potential to form creative global communities that learn to interact and collaborate in new and previously incomprehensible ways. Such is the dynamism of life in the ‘global village’.” ( UK VC quoted in Shiel & McKenzie, 2008, p. 1)

Having Internationals on our campus and in our classroom can presents us with a set of challenges that we may not be equipped to deal with; patience is often needed as students will be used to different cultural norms and they come from different educational systems and standards.

Many students will have never had the opportunity to connect with people from different areas of the world and the classroom is a place where this can happen.  Encouraging cultural exchanges can be a great tool to grow cultural competency. Not only will the sharing of such information build course content it will be a foundation to assist both international and domestic students to build mutual understanding. 

The Office of International Programs (OIP) serves as a resource to students, faculty and staff as it pertains to international relations and operations. We strive to provide tools to help the UNI Community with questions as it pertains to Internalization on our campus.

If you have any questions regarding internationalization please feel free to contacting Marge Budensiek at marge.budensiek@uni.edu or 319-273-6807 and she can direct you to the right person.