The relationship between a visiting scholar and an UNI faculty mentor can range from close collaboration to casual oversight. It is important that the nature and scope of the relationship, as well as the specifics of the prospective visitor’s research project, be worked out by the two before the visiting scholar arrives on campus.

The Academic Department contributes to a successful stay of a visiting scholar by:

  • Providing an office, access to computer and other facilities as appropriate.
  • Inviting visiting scholars to observe classes and attend faculty workshops and other academic events; space permitting.
  • Complete information in the J1 Host Registry or Non-J1 Host Registry. Links can be found on the HOST REGISTRY INFORMATION page.
  • Assigning an Academic Host (faculty or staff member) to the visiting scholar.

The Academic Host contributes to a successful stay by:

  • Being a point of contact for the Office of International Programs (OIP) to provide the necessary information to process immigration documents and by completing the UNI HOST VISITOR REGISTRY if it has not been completed by the department.
  • If the Scholar is a J1 visitor they must possess sufficient proficiency in the English and the host will need to determine that the exchange visitor has sufficient proficiency in the English language to function in an English-speaking environment. This can be determined by setting up either a Zoom meeting or phone call.
  • If on campus housing is not available, assist with other housing options.
  • Welcoming the Visiting Scholar to the Cedar Valley by providing airport pick up/return and access to on-campus housing upon arrival to our campus.
  • Arrange for visiting scholar's initial visit to the grocery store to get needed supplies.
  • Facilitate introductions to department colleagues and invite the visiting scholar to lunch or dinner during their first week on campus
  • Offering a tour of the community and provide information on activities and events of interest available on campus and in the community during their time on campus.